Johnson City Run Club officially up and running

Written by Dave Ongie (Johnson City Press)

The dream of forming an inclusive running club in Johnson City to meet the needs of every runner regardless of experience level has culminated with the formation of the Johnson City Run Club, which officially got up and running with a a free run on the Tweetsie Trail on Wednesday evening.

Natalia Rivas, the group’s secretary and also an assistant track coach at Milligan College, said she’s hopeful that new group can meet everyone in the community where they’re at. Wednesday’s run had pace groups for children as well as beginners who wanted to get their feet wet by alternating between running for a minute and walking for a minute. It also had groups for advanced runners who were aimiing to log seven-minute miles during the 30-minute run as well as pacing groups for everyone in between the ranks of beginners and experts.

“We saw a great need for a really open running club. It doesn’t matter if you run fast or you run slow or you’ve never ran before,” Rivas said. “We’re looking to build this to be really big.”

Starting next month, the club will focus on giving its members training plans for the Bluegrass Half-Marathon, and in June, track workout nights will be added to the schedule. For more information on the Johnson City Run Club, visit

Pictures by Dave Ongie